Company Rules & Regulation

Company rules, Company safety rules, General Rules, Disciplinary Procedures, Disciplinary Action

  1. Consuming or being in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs on company premises, or on any company job-site, is prohibited.
  2. Fighting, horseplay, practical jokes or otherwise interfering with other workers is prohibited.
  3. Theft, vandalism or any other abuse or misuse of company property is prohibited.
  4. All unsafe acts and conditions, including “near miss” incidents, are to be reported to appropriate supervision promptly.
  5. All incidents that result in damage or injury are to be reported to your local police station immediately.
  6. All work shall be carried out in accordance with appropriate safe work practices and your supervisor’s direction.
  7. Only those tools that are in good repair, with all guards and safety devices in place shall be used.
  8. Every worker shall keep his/her work area neat, clean and orderly.

Mandatory Requirements

  1. Perform all work in accordance with safe work practices and your supervisor’s direction.
  2. Wear or use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) or clothing and use the appropriate safety devices.
  3. Maintain good housekeeping in your work area.
  4. Inspect all tools and equipment prior to use to ensure they are in safe operating condition and appropriate for the job. All tools determined to be unsafe should be tagged and taken out of service.
  5. Operate all vehicles and mobile equipment in accordance with site rules, regulations and manufacturer’s specifications. 6. Report any near-misses, unsafe conditions, accidents and damage (to property or equipment) to immediate supervisor.


  1. The following are prohibited at all times on all company property and all company jobsites.
  2. Possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  3. Possession of firearms.
  4. Engaging in fighting or horseplay.
  5. Unlawful harassment or discrimination.
  6. Theft, vandalism.
  7. Damage, disabling or interfering with safety, fire fighting or first aid equipment.
  8. Reckless or negligent use of company equipment or vehicles.