Report Misuse

  1. verifies every user’s mobile number, and also ensures that every user profile undergoes basic screening.
  2. While we do our best to identify and delete inappropriate profiles, some users might deliberately enter incorrect information, misrepresent themselves and get their profiles live on site.
  3. We help our users discover the best person but it is in the interests of a user to use their best judgment to assess another person’s genuineness.
  4. We strongly recommend all our members to beware of the following:
  5. If some members seems to have entered false, incorrect information about their address, profession, income, family etc.
  6. If some members of ask you for personal favors like transportation of goods, deposit of funds on their behalf, lend them some money etc.
  7. Interacting with fake/copy sites of Many sites have a similar appearance as but they are not in any way related or affiliated to
  8. Representatives from these fake sites may reach out to users to personal information.
  9. Unknown callers pretending to call from the team asking for your user id’s and passwords to login to your account. Please note that never asks you for user password information either on phone or in person. You are asked to never share your login details with anyone.
  10. In case you face any of the above stated situations or come across a probable fake profile, immediately notify us on
  11. Once again, keep the following points in mind when interacting with other members and representatives from
  12. Never share your account information (user id, password) with anyone
  13. Never share your financial details like bank account number, online banking credentials, credit card details etc.
  14. Do a thorough background research about the person you wish to proceed ahead with
  15. Beware of fake sites. Ensure that you access . You may verify the authenticity by calling on our customer care number +91-7008271998
  16. Notify customer support team immediately on +91-7008271998 or if you suspect something is not genuine about any profile or a representative reaching out to you
  17. at its discretion and in accordance with applicable law may choose to monitor any users or other content and may remove any such content from the Website if determines in its sole discretion that such content is in violation of's policies or any applicable law.
  18. If you believe that there is any content available on the Website which is contrary to's policies or applicable law ("Objectionable Content"), then please notify to the Grievance Officer at the email id provided in Privacy Policy ("Objectionable Content Notice"). When you send such Objectionable Content Notice, please ensure that your notification contains the following details:
    1. Your name, email id, phone number and postal address
    2. The exact nature of the Objectionable Content The exact location (including the relevant web page) where the Objectionable Content appears
    3. Why do you consider the content to be objectionable?
  19. You declare that all statements made by you are true.
  20. You agree to indemnify against all claims which may arise in connection with such a Notice being made by you.

Once we receive a notice

  1. We will evaluate the contents of the Notice
  2. We may take such action as we deem appropriate in keeping with our policies and applicable law which may include, asking further details from you or taking down the content that was the subject matter of Your Notice.